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Nationality & Citizenship

You have been in the UK for years now and would like to become a British Citizen. What documents do you need? What level of English language is required?

You are a British Citizen but your child was born abroad. Is your child British too? Can she apply for a British passport?

The law relating to Nationality and Citizenship is provided for in the British Nationality Act 1981. The Act came into effect in 1983 and reclassified citizenship into three categories. It enabled women as well as men to pass down their nationality to their children, but ceased to recognise Commonwealth Citizens as British Subjects.

The law is complex and mistakes can be worrying and expensive.

Milana Immigration Ltd will advise you on the type of application which is best for you. We will advise you throughout the application process ensuring the correct documents are provided at the outset to ensure the best outcome for you.